19296 Scenic Hwy. 98, Fairhope

19296 Scenic 98

Fairhope, Alabama

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19296 Scenic Highway 98, Fairhope –  

Charming and comfortable home with plenty of living space. Convenient to downtown Fairhope.

3 BR; 2 BA; 1,500 sq. ft.

Available 4/15/24

Rent: $3,000 / month


Don’t miss out on this charming 3 bedroom, 2 bath home located on Scenic Highway 98 between the Grand Hotel and the Fairhope Pier, just minutes from downtown Fairhope. This home features vaulted ceilings, a metal roof, and a screened porch. New energy-efficient appliances and beautiful lighting fixtures were recently updated.

You can relax knowing that the house maintenance is taken care of for you. Enjoy the extras this home has to offer with a 2 car garage, large fenced yard, walk-in closets and open floor plan.

Known as the Battles Wharf area, this home is located in the Fairhope public school district. Professionally managed by Tonsmeire Properties.



19296 Scenic Highway 98

Features & Amenities

We have a long list of amenities that are sure to impress.


LVP Flooring


Open Floor Plan


Large Fenced Yard


2 Car Garage


Attic Space


Walk-In Closets


Energy Efficient Appliances


Pets Allowed


Metal Roof

19290 Scenic Hwy. 98, Fairhope

Fall Fun For All

Fall Fun For All

The fall season is here and it’s time to get ready for the colder months ahead. With the crisp air and changing leaves, there are plenty of activities you can do with your family to enjoy the season. Here are some fun things you can do this fall season! 

Go pumpkin picking! 

Pick out pumpkins at a field near you. Baldwin County has many stands, farms and fields where you can do so! You’ll find everything from realistic jack-o’-lanterns to funny faces and more! 

Take a hayride with friends or loved ones. 

You’re never too old to enjoy a hayride! Throughout the fall season, there are local farms that offer these fun rides that even carry on through the winter season! 

Attend community events. 

Baldwin County is filled with events that have something for everyone to love! From parades, festivals and community gatherings in local places, there’s so much to do! 

Go on a hike. 

A hike or walk through the woods to see all of the beautiful colors on the trees is something you don’t want to miss! Hiking is another great thing to do during the fall season. It’s nice to get outside and take a hike through the woods or along a beach where there are beautiful views of nature all around you! 

Try out new fall recipes. 

One thing about the fall season is that there are never short of fall recipes to try! Grab some in-season fruits and vegetables to make a sweet or savory creation while having fun! 

Go camping. 

Camping is an awesome activity to do during the fall because there’s so much nature around you along with the wonderful weather to complement the views! You can also roast marshmallows over an open fire and roast hot dogs too! 

Have a potluck Friendsgiving dinner. 

A potluck is a great way to get everyone involved in helping out with the meal prep — and it’s also an easy way to make sure that everyone gets exactly what they want on their plate. You can even ask guests to bring their favorite dish from their home state or country for some extra fun! 

The fall season brings so many things to do and enjoy for everyone! As a resident, Tonsmeire Properties is here for you through every season. We offer a wide choice of homes and are committed to our residents. Our rental homes are located where you want to be.

Fairhope, AL: A Great Place to Live, Work & Play

Fairhope, AL: A Great Place to Live, Work & Play

Fairhope, Alabama is a spirited town on the shoreline of Mobile Bay. This beautiful town is known for its spectacular views, coastal way of living and southern charm. Along with its vibrant downtown life, the city has boasted a rich history with an incredible community and pivotal economical development over the years. Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway or making the move down south to this town, the reasons to live, work and play here are endless! 

Let us tell you why. 

Family-Oriented Community 

Fairhope, Alabama, is ranked number one in “2022 Best Places to Raise a Family in Baldwin County” by Niche.com. The community is filled with various events throughout the year with something for everyone to enjoy, including festivals, concerts, celebrations and more. Along with the many festivities to partake in, the town features highly rated public and private schools in the area. 


Fairhope is nowhere near short of entertainment! This lively area is home to many ways of enjoying entertainment throughout the city. There are wonderful restaurants to experience with delicious local foods. Some are even known for their fresh Gulf of Mexico seafood. The town has various shopping options, live music, resorts, hotels and more! 

Economic Opportunities 

Over the years, Fairhope, Alabama, has seen substantial growth in economical activity and development throughout the city. Fairhope’s population is reaching almost 24,000 residents, creating a unique and distinctive community that is thriving from growth expansion in its business community. It’s supported by a vast range of industries and employs more than 40 percent of its population, according to WorldAtlas.com. 

Outdoor Activities 

Fairhope is known for its incredible scenery and views. Located on the shoreline of Mobile Bay, the town has endless possibilities for outdoor activities. You’ll find plenty of nature trails, piers, parks, picnic areas and more to experience and enjoy. A local favorite is the Fairhope Municipal Pier which hosts striking views for visitors and locals alike. The temperate climate allows for outdoor activities all year long, so living, working and playing in Fairhope is just that much better! 


Fairhope, Alabama, was established in 1908 with only 500 residents. A group of populist reformers sought their own utopia. The founders settled on the steep-sided valley where they bought clear-cut wasteland for only $5.50 per acre. Ultimately, they used the Single Tax plan in hopes of it giving them at least a “fair hope” of succeeding in creating the town we know and love today!

Tonsmeire Properties is proud to be locally owned and operated in the beautiful town of Fairhope, Alabama. There’s so much to love about this city as it continues to grow and reach new heights. Are you interested in finding a rental home or apartment in the area? Contact us today by visiting our website www.tonsmeireproperties.com.

What Coastal Living Means To Us

What Coastal Living Means To Us

Living along the Gulf Coast comes with many benefits that can create a wonderful quality of life. Tonsmeire Properties has has built, managed and owned rental communities in Alabama for over 50 years. Tonsmeire Properties located in Baldwin County has rental homes and apartment communities along the Gulf Coast and in Madison, Alabama. The coastal living way of life is unlike any other.

Let us tell you a little bit about what coastal living means to us! Read about our green living and conservation efforts below. 

Green Living Communities 

We lay the foundations for green living in the multifamily industry by making incremental changes toward sustainable living practices. Each property was built, and is maintained, with green living and conservation in mind. This philosophy shines through in the natural environments of our properties.

Support Of Our Watershed 

Coastal living means supporting and preserving our natural ecosystem and the habitats that have existed long before we found them. Tonsmeire Properties is a proud sponsor of the Annual Bald Eagle Bash, which is the Alabama Gulf Coast’s party for preservation. The Bald Eagle Bash is also South Alabama Land Trust’s principal fundraiser providing revenue for land, water and wildlife protection, along with education and outreach programs.

Native Plants In Our Communities 

At all of our Tonsmeire Properties communities, we grow plants that are native to our beautiful Alabama area. We plant these flowers, bushes and trees to encourage the natural environment surrounding our communities to thrive with us.

Community Amenities 

Our apartment communities have convenient amenities promoting green living, such as our saltwater pools, energy-efficient appliances, community gardens and outdoor community spaces. Some of our communities even feature solar panels to help conserve energy for the community and its residents.

Tonsmeire Properties is proud to live along the beautiful Gulf Coast in Fairhope, Alabama. We take pride in the communities we have built and created for our residents. We want to help provide a better way of life through our green living efforts and create a coastal living community you will love.

To learn more about our communities, visit our website at www.tonsmeireproperties.com today.

6 Tips To Save Energy This Summer In Your Rental Home

6 Tips To Save Energy This Summer In Your Rental Home

It’s sweet summertime! The days are longer, the heat is rising and the beautiful state of Alabama is in full bloom. When living in a rental home, you have the opportunity to control how much energy you use throughout your time there. Luckily, there are always ways to improve your home’s energy efficiency with simple tips to keep in mind. Implementing these suggestions can help save you more each month! 

Switch to Energy-Efficient Bulbs 

One thing that some renters don’t often think about is exchanging their regular bulbs for energy-efficient ones. Energy-efficient bulbs like LED bulbs use 85 percent less energy than incandescent light bulbs, and 40 percent less energy than fluorescent bulbs. Using these can save you money on your energy bill in the long run. Just be sure to save your regular bulbs in a safe place to replace them when you move out. 

Utilize Fans and Window Shades 

It’s great to let the sunshine in through your windows, it brings in natural light needed for a healthy home. However, with the natural light that shines in, heat is distributed throughout your home by the sun’s rays. As a result of this, your air conditioning unit is working harder than it needs to be to continue to cool your home. Utilize your window shades throughout the day to cool down your home. If you have an overhead fan, try turning it on throughout the day to allow cool air to be dispersed to help beat the heat. 

Keep the thermostat at the highest comfortable level 

In the South, we know that summer is hot! Your air conditioning unit knows it and feels it, too! One way to keep energy levels at bay is to keep your thermostat at the highest comfort level throughout the day. The closer your thermostat temperature is to the actual temperature outside will benefit your energy consumption the most. Your unit doesn’t have to work as hard and you get to enjoy the cool air while you save more each month. 

Pull the Plug on Phantom Energy Charges 

Phantom energy is a real thing! When your appliances are plugged into outlets and are not in use, energy is still being used, creating phantom energy. Even though your appliances are off, you’re still using energy that goes towards your bill every month. Be sure to pull the plug on phantom energy charges to avoid using more energy than you need to! 

Look for leaks and other maintenance issues 

Some leaks or issues are noticeable, however, some may not be. It’s beneficial to take a look around your rental home every month to ensure every part of your home is in tip-top shape. If you see a leak or any other maintenance issue, be sure to contact your property management 

team to resolve the issue. This can save you a lot of money down the road if larger issues are to arise from something that could’ve been fixed! 

Wash Your Clothes In Cold Water 

Washing your clothes with hot water uses a lot more energy than you may think. Running your washing machine on a hot cycle requires the water to be heated to utilize for washing, ultimately

adding to the energy costs of your rental home. Try running your washing machine on a cold or warm cycle to refrain from using so much energy during every wash. 

At Tonsmeire Properties, we understand that saving energy each month is important. Not only does saving energy help your wallet, but it ultimately helps the environment by using less. Tonsmeire Properties has apartment communities and single-family rental homes to accommodate your needs. To learn more about Tonsmeire Properties, visit www.tonsmeireproperties.com.

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