What Coastal Living Means To Us

Living along the Gulf Coast comes with many benefits that can create a wonderful quality of life. Tonsmeire Properties has managed, owned and built rental communities in Alabama for over 50 years. Tonsmeire Properties located in Baldwin County has rental houses and apartment communities along the Gulf Coast up to Madison, Alabama. The coastal living way of life, by preserving natural habitats, admiring the coastal ecosystems, pivotal local research and more, has created a unique sense of community unlike any other. 

Let us tell you a little bit about what coastal living means to us! Read about our green living and conservation efforts below. 

Green Living Communities 

We lay the foundations for green living in the multifamily industry by making incremental changes toward sustainable living practices. Each property was built, and is maintained, with green living and conservation in mind. This philosophy shines through in the natural environments of our properties. 

Support Of Our Watershed 

Coastal living means supporting and preserving our natural ecosystem and the habitats that have existed long before we found them. Tonsmeire Properties is a proud sponsor of the Annual Bald Eagle Bash, which is the Alabama Gulf Coast’s party for preservation. The Bald Eagle Bash is also South Alabama Land Trust’s principal fundraiser providing revenue for land, water and wildlife protection, along with education and outreach programs. 

Native Plants In Our Communities 

At all of our Tonsmeire Properties communities, we grow plants that are native to our beautiful Alabama area. We plant these flowers, bushes and trees to encourage the natural environment surrounding our communities to thrive with us. This provides a natural home to the ecosystem, enhancing the natural habitat of local wildlife in our landscaping and design. Preserving biodiversity and its natural connections is important to us! 

Community Amenities 

Our goal is to take green living to the next level for our properties. Our apartment communities have convenient amenities promoting green living like our saltwater pools, energy-efficient appliances, community gardens and outdoor community spaces. Some of our communities even feature solar panels to help conserve energy for the community and its residents. 

Tonsmeire Properties is proud to live along the beautiful Gulf Coast in Fairhope, Alabama. We take pride in the communities we have built and created for our residents. We want to help provide a better way of life through our green living efforts and, by extension, create a coastal living community we love. 

To learn more about our communities, visit our website at www.tonsmeireproperties.com today.