6 Tips To Save Energy This Summer In Your Rental Home

It’s sweet summertime! The days are longer, the heat is rising and the beautiful state of Alabama is in full bloom. When living in a rental home, you have the opportunity to control how much energy you use throughout your time there. Luckily, there are always ways to improve your home’s energy efficiency with simple tips to keep in mind. Implementing these suggestions can help save you more each month! 

Switch to Energy-Efficient Bulbs 

One thing that some renters don’t often think about is exchanging their regular bulbs for energy-efficient ones. Energy-efficient bulbs like LED bulbs use 85 percent less energy than incandescent light bulbs, and 40 percent less energy than fluorescent bulbs. Using these can save you money on your energy bill in the long run. Just be sure to save your regular bulbs in a safe place to replace them when you move out. 

Utilize Fans and Window Shades 

It’s great to let the sunshine in through your windows, it brings in natural light needed for a healthy home. However, with the natural light that shines in, heat is distributed throughout your home by the sun’s rays. As a result of this, your air conditioning unit is working harder than it needs to be to continue to cool your home. Utilize your window shades throughout the day to cool down your home. If you have an overhead fan, try turning it on throughout the day to allow cool air to be dispersed to help beat the heat. 

Keep the thermostat at the highest comfortable level 

In the South, we know that summer is hot! Your air conditioning unit knows it and feels it, too! One way to keep energy levels at bay is to keep your thermostat at the highest comfort level throughout the day. The closer your thermostat temperature is to the actual temperature outside will benefit your energy consumption the most. Your unit doesn’t have to work as hard and you get to enjoy the cool air while you save more each month. 

Pull the Plug on Phantom Energy Charges 

Phantom energy is a real thing! When your appliances are plugged into outlets and are not in use, energy is still being used, creating phantom energy. Even though your appliances are off, you’re still using energy that goes towards your bill every month. Be sure to pull the plug on phantom energy charges to avoid using more energy than you need to! 

Look for leaks and other maintenance issues 

Some leaks or issues are noticeable, however, some may not be. It’s beneficial to take a look around your rental home every month to ensure every part of your home is in tip-top shape. If you see a leak or any other maintenance issue, be sure to contact your property management 

team to resolve the issue. This can save you a lot of money down the road if larger issues are to arise from something that could’ve been fixed! 

Wash Your Clothes In Cold Water 

Washing your clothes with hot water uses a lot more energy than you may think. Running your washing machine on a hot cycle requires the water to be heated to utilize for washing, ultimately

adding to the energy costs of your rental home. Try running your washing machine on a cold or warm cycle to refrain from using so much energy during every wash. 

At Tonsmeire Properties, we understand that saving energy each month is important. Not only does saving energy help your wallet, but it ultimately helps the environment by using less. Tonsmeire Properties has apartment communities and single-family rental homes to accommodate your needs. To learn more about Tonsmeire Properties, visit www.tonsmeireproperties.com.

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