Should I Rent a House or an Apartment?

When deciding to rent there can be a lot of options. One of the biggest decisions is should you rent a house or an apartment. The two may seem awfully similar and maybe you aren’t sure how to choose one or the other. Here are some things to consider that will help you if you’re trying to decide between renting a house or renting an apartment

How Much Space Do You Need? 

One of the big things to consider when weighing your options is how much space you will need. You should consider how many bedrooms you will need as well as how much extra space you will need or want for things like an office, nursery, playroom, workout space or guest room. Apartments traditionally are smaller floor plans so if 1-2 bedrooms is what you’re looking for then that might be your best option. If you need more space then you might want to consider a rental house

What Amenities/Perks Do You Want? 

Apartments come with a host of amenities built into your rent. Things like pools, fitness centers and dog parks are right at the tip of your fingers. It’s one of the biggest perks of renting. Luckily there are also rental homes that have communities filled with amenities so you don’t necessarily have to decide. Sometimes houses do have other perks like attached garages and fenced lawns. If you prefer to be off the ground floor or have a balcony then renting an apartment is perfect for you.

Is Accessibility a Concern? 

Both rental houses and rental apartments can be extremely accessible however you will find more accessibility in most houses. Maybe you need a ground floor home because you cannot maneuver stairs, maybe you need an attached garage because you have little ones or maybe you simply want to make life easier when you move by not dealing with stairs. Whatever the reason, accessibility is something to consider. 

When choosing a rental home there’s lots to choose from and we have some of the most premium rentals in Baldwin County. From apartments to houses we’ve got you covered and we think you’ll feel right at home in one of our gorgeous communities. Give us a call or stop by one of our properties to learn more about rental apartments and houses. Whatever your needs, chances are we have a home and a community for you!

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