Preventing Pet Damage in Your Apartment

Our four legged friends are a joy to have in the home. They greet us at the door, they provide laughs and companionship, but with all that joy can come costly deposits and repair bills if your pet causes damage to your apartment. Here’s a couple ways you can prevent pet damage before it happens ensuring you get more of your money back in your pocket and avoid a major headache. 

Get your pet some exercise! 

One of the biggest reasons pets cause damage is because they don’t have enough room to run and play. Not all pets need the same amount of exercise but some each day is necessary for a healthy pet and a damage-free home. If you have a dog consider taking them to the dog park to play catch or out on a run. If your four legged friend is a feline consider getting them a toy they can chase or wrestle with to burn off a little energy. 

Offer them alternatives! 

Pets like to chew and scratch, it’s just in their nature. Pets without toys or scratching posts might try and scratch things like walls, doors and furniture. Make sure they have the items they need to keep them busy, happy and away from things they should be chewing on. Rubber chew toys, rope toys and bones are great for pups while scratching posts and soft catnip toys are perfect for kitties. 

Keep up on grooming! 

Pets need grooming just like humans and if they aren’t getting it regularly it might lead to some issues both for you and for them down the road. Long nails on both cats and dogs can cause damage to floors, walls and doors as well as affect the way they walk. Additionally when pets aren’t brushed and groomed they will shed more leaving thick layers of hair embedded in your carpet. Getting your pet groomed regularly will cut down on damages to your home and time spent cleaning. Win win! 

Train your pets! 

Training your pets is a sure fire way to keep an orderly home. Your pets can learn to stay off counters and furniture, where to properly use the bathroom and how to be calm at night when you’re sleeping. You can opt to teach your pet yourself or use a trainer. At the end of the day it might feel tedious training a new pet (or even an old one) but it will be well worth it.

Pets are an amazing addition to your life and with the proper care they will thrive in your apartment home. Living in a pet friendly apartment community like the one owned by Tonsmeire Properties can be an awesome experience so be sure to make the most of it! 

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