Apartment Living with Pets

When it comes to apartment living, there’s not many other things that can make your apartment feel like home more than a loyal pet by your side. At all of our Tonsmeire Properties communities, we care about your pet as much as you do. That’s why not only do our communities provide their residents with a community pet park, but each offers a pet-friendly community for you and your beloved pet for years to come. We’ve made a list of things to have (and do!) to ensure you and your pet are living your best life. 

Create a Sanctuary For Your Pet 

It’s true when they say your home is your sanctuary. That also goes for your pet! Your home is their sanctuary and it’s important they view it as such. Just like how you like to come home to your own haven, your pets do too! Set up an area for your pet to relax and unwind. Make this area as comfortable as possible, so when it’s time, your pet can retreat to where it wants to be most! We recommend laying out a bed or mat to start off creating your pet’s sanctuary. 

Establish a Routine 

Just like humans, pets thrive off of routine! Establish a routine that fits around your schedule and one that can benefit your pet the most. This can be starting off your morning routine with a walk, breakfast, play time, training or any routine that you and your pet can establish together. Establishing a routine while living in an apartment community is vital to your pet’s overall health and well-being. 

Exercise Them Accordingly 

This is a no-brainer! Exercise for your pet based on their needs can make or break them. Every pet needs some type of exercise, and as their owner, it’s your responsibility to make sure exercise is part of their daily routine. Visit our community pet park, take them on walks, play indoor games or challenge them with a high intensity exercise or game. This will surely benefit your pet and they’ll be sure to thank you with lots of pet love. 

Keep Them Entertained 

It’s easy for pet owners to get caught up in their own daily routine and responsibilities. However, keeping your pet entertained during the day while you’re away or while you’re at home is a big deal to them. Consider getting some daytime help for your pet so they’re never feeling bored. During meal time, make their food a game by purchasing food dispensary toys or slow feeders. Another great way to keep your pet entertained is spreading treats or food around your home and letting them find them for a sweet treat! 

Visit The Vet Regularly 

No matter what the reason is for, a trip to the vet is always beneficial for your pet. When living in an apartment community, you’re likely going to be around other pets. It’s important to make sure your pet’s health records and shots are up-to-date to protect your pet and the other pets in your community. A healthy pet always lives a happy life!

When your pets are happy, we know you are happy! At all of our Tonsmeire Properties communities, we can help you create a pet-friendly space that will keep you and your pets comfortable for years to come. Visit our website www.tonsmeireproperties.com today to view all of our communities.

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